Author: Walter

I've been a construction worker almost all my life. In some way shape or form, I've always worked with my hands, and enjoyed it (for the most part) hahaha. I've always loved knives, but just recently decided to try my hand at making them. It is something I'm loving more as I do it, and the learning process is fantastic. I can't wait to learn more.

New Designs

New Knife Designs Here are three new knife designs I drew up recently. I’ve already decided to go with the Scout as a new design. It is already available on the Custom Order page. The two other designs are intended to be caping/skinning knives. If you have a favorite between these two, please let me […]

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Rival Prototype

Rival Friction Folder Prototype This little guy is starting to come along now. Profiling the little blade has been a bit of a challenge. It isn’t easy to hold it at all, mostly due to it heats up super quick on the 2×72. I don’t mind the challenge. I’m actually loving the not knowing part […]

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TritonV2-2 Friction Folder

Friction Folder Design – Triton V2

New Triton Design Well a while back I drew up a friction folder design. It looked ok, but I just couldn’t get with the way the design looked. So, I completely started over on it. This is version 2 of this design. I’m close to taking it to prototype I think. Some input in the […]

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2x72 Grinder Chassis

2×72 Grinder Build Under Way

It has begun!!!! WARNING: You may see ugly welds. I’m by no means a pro. This is all I could get done for today. 2×72 chassis is unpainted, but welded up. Motor should be here late next week (hopefully). Had a couple mishaps along the way today, welded the main tower piece on facing the […]

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Band Saw for the Shop

Hey guys. Just wanted to share this deal I got. Found this beauty on Facebook for $35 with no clue if it actually ran. I’ve cleaned it up a little bit, still need to sand down the table to get the surface rust off, and clean and paint the base it’s sitting on. Now for […]

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