Heat Treating


I will be heat treating all my knives. Depending on what steel is used, I will follow the recommended guidelines for heat treating the particular steel. You can be assured these knives will hold their edge. The above image is of my exact oven I’ll be using. I made it myself out of an old cappuccino machine. Gets up to temp beautifully and accurately.

Right now I am mainly using 1095 high carbon steel on my knives.

1095 Heat Treat Process

  • I put the knife in the oven and set it to 1470 F.
  • When the oven reaches set temp I start checking for critical with a magnet.
  • As soon as the blade is non-magnetic, I let it soak for 8 to 10 minutes.
  • After the soak, I go straight to an oil quench.
    • I edge quench for 25 seconds
    • Then full dip in the oil
  • Then it’s straight into the oven for tempering.
    • I temper twice at 450 F for one hour with 30 minute ramp.

I’m getting some decent Hamon activity with it:

[smartslider3 slider=10]

Here’s a short video of a knife being quenched

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