Work in Progress

This is my work in progress page. I will be posting the current blade I'm working on at different stages. Feel free to post your comments below. Tips, tricks, etc. are always welcome here. Remember I'm new to this so don't beat me up too badly. Thanks for checking out my work.

Harpoon Hunter – First blade on the 2×72 grinder


Harpoon Hunter - Profile

Rough Grind

Harpoon Hunter - Rough Grind w/Serrations

Coated for Heat Treat

Harpoon Hunter - Coated

She’s all coated up for heat treat. Can’t wait to see how the hamon comes out on this one. Update you soon.

This is my first time doing a swedge/harpoon tip, and also my first time doing hand filed serrations. I’m loving my 2×72 already. Things move so quickly and the finishing belts make getting ready for heat treat a breeze. Keep checking back for more progress. Time to coat it up for heat treat!


1945 Disston US Military Machete

Disston US 1945

This blade was my neighbors fathers. He gave it to me one day saying “Here..maybe you can make a knife out of this.” So, after cleaning up the markings and finding out it was from World War 2, I’m going to clean it up (Leaving all it’s original patina), add some new handle scales and return it to him. Pics below show how it looked when I got it. I will post pictures after I’m done with it.

Keep checking back for the finished product – Thanks for looking.

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  1. That’s so awesome you’re fixing it up for him!

    1. Yea I think he’ll like it when it’s done. He has no idea.

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