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I have no knives available at this time. I’m sorry about that, and should have an offering soon. Please check back soon.


What my clients say

I have to say as for purchasing my very first knife from Walter, I must say I find it to be a great investment. The feel of the knife overall is excellent, the handle perfect to my type of style. The blade keeps such an excellent edge, and I have used it over and over. I am very happy and impressed with the knife. Thank you Walter for the beautiful knife.

Great freakin’ knife! Beautiful craftsmanship, one of a kind.

The knife Walter made for me was so sharp I almost cut all the way through a pork loin length wise with one swipe. I will be purchasing from him again.

Walter did a wonderful job putting a new handle on my dad’s WWII Marine Corps Ka-bar. It looks great and has a great feel. It’s something very special to the family.

Just picked up my third knife from Walter White Knives! They are beautiful knives, awesome craftsmanship. Walter is a true master at his craft.

Very sharp, beautiful knives! I have 2 and will be having Walter do a couple more for family and friends. Get your order in before me. Haha

If you want an amazing hand made knife, this is the man without question. I bought his Talon and I couldn’t ask for a better product. Having a karambit with truly unique scales and a very beautiful hamon sets this blade apart from the rest.

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