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Custom Order Unavailable

Due to a lot of recent issues in my personal life, I’m stepping away from making knives for a bit. I’m really sorry, and hope this doesn’t inconvenience you.

Let's Build your Knife

Pick your knife design

* Custom Designs will be quoted seperately.

If you have a custom design of your own or one you like, you can upload the image here. If you don't have an image, but an idea, I'd be glad to get together with you on a Custom Design.

Pick your knife steel

Choose your Filework

Choose your handle materials

Choose your sheath style

Final Step!

None of the information you give will be used for anything other than getting your knife build done.

Commission fees

* When commissioning a knife, 50% is required up front (will be taken out of your knife price). This is so I can get started on the design process with you as well as order all your materials needed for the project. If after starting the design process and ordering materials, for some reason you change your mind, this fee is non-refundable. This is because I’ve started projects before and then had someone change their mind after materials and time had already been invested. I hope this will not be an inconvenience.

** If you choose the more exotic handle materials such as mammoth ivory, etc. Once getting a price on those materials there may be more money added to the 50% requirement.

*** Commission requirements may be changed at our disgression.

IMPORTANT - Please Read

If for any reason your remaining balance isn't paid promtly after completion, your knife/knives may be sold (at my discretion), in order to recoup lost money due to non-payment.

Complete Policies page here: Terms & Conditions