Walter White Knives - FAQ

Well opinions will vary on this one, but in a world where most things are mass produced in factories outside of the US, made with materials we have no clue about, I would say definitely Yes. With a custom handmade knife, you’ll know everything about your knife. You know the steel, the handle materials, even down to the pins used on your handle. Why, because you chose them yourself. It is a product Made in the USA (Texan made here), and I’ve always believed you get what you pay for.

I accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover including credit or debit cards. I generally will accept payment through the site, or I can send you an invoice. Either way, I do not store your card information, and all sales are done securely through Paypal.

I will work with you in any way I can…so Yes. Just realize this may involve you incurring an extra expense for different materials, and it could (and usually does) affect the time frame in which your knife is completed. This is due to availability of materials and shipping times.

A Hamon is made with a differential heat treating process that causes the blade edge to be fully hardened while the spine of the knife stays closer to a spring steel state.

There is a great article Here

All 1095 high carbon steel knives will patina over time. Those dark spots are a form of oxidation….the kind you want. The red rust is what you don’t want. It is completely normal for those dark spots/patches to start to appear with use of your knife. As long as you keep it cleaned and oiled after use, you’re good to go.

Knives made, assembled and finished by hand often won’t be absolutely perfect. No two of any of my knives will be exactly the same. Most appreciate the character of a handcrafted knife, approaching it with a micrometer is probably a recipe for disappointment.

I suggest cleaning your knife by hand. Wash it with soap and warm water, then dry it off immediately. Don’t allow it to sit with water on it. Please don’t put your knife in the dishwasher. Those soaps that break food down are not good for your knife steel or handle material. Just hand wash it, dry it, oil it after each use and you’re done.

Your knife will be shipped Insured through the US Postal Service.

If you prefer a different method i.e. UPS/FedEx, please let me know. I will get you a quote for what that will cost.

In most cases, Yes. Just upload me a picture of what you’re wanting through the Custom Order form Here. We can go from there.

Currently I use the stock removal method, but I’m planning to look into getting a forge soon.

I heat treat all my knives according to the steel manufacturers heat treating guidelines. They are then tempered down in hardness for good edge retention, ease of sharpening, and all around usability. Knives will fall in between 57 and 61 Rockwell.