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Conflict Liner Lock

Conflict Frame Lock – Prototype

I started about a month ago working on the Conflict prototype. Conflict Frame Lock Prototype The first set of scales I made got trashed due to designing the pivot too close to where the lock bar clearance holes would be drilled, and I drilled into my bearing counterbore area. RUINT IT!!! I think that is just part of it during this process.

Conflict Frame Lock Prototype Therefore I redesigned the pivot, stop pin, and lock bar locations to work together properly. So far so good. The video below shows where I’m at thus far. I will be posting the updates as I go along on this page in descending order, so the most recent updates will be here at the top of the page.

Disclaimer: In these videos you may see, how do I say this, Unorthodoxed machining methods. I am no machinist so I’m learning the hard way in most processes. Feel free to comment here on the page with any and all suggestions you may have. I’ll gladly take the input.

Conflict frame lock – Update 4 – 9/12018

Milling the Pocket Clip

All that is left now is to etch my mark on the blade, and final lock up tuning. She’s pretty much there. Here are some updated pictures since completing the pocket clip, bead blasting and finishing the blade. The blade ended up having some really nice hamon activity. I noticed I probably could’ve cleaned it up better for the pics. Fingerprints and dirt/dust on some. I’m no professional photographer that’s for sure. Hope you like ’em.

Conflict frame lock – Update 3 – 8/29/2018

Here’s some photos of the Conflict after bead blasting the frames and backspacer. I still need to finish the blade, make the pocket clip, and then tune the lock up after it’s all together. She has a nice early lock up thus far. I really like the dark gray bead blast finish. Anodizing may be coming soon!! You’ll just have to check back and see. Thanks for checking it out.

Conflict frame lock – UPDATE 2

Conflict frame lock – UPDATE 1

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Apex Prototype Drawing