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I just wanted to do a post on here for all you guys that have Instagram (most do). I just recently hit 1000 followers over there and I’m doing a knife giveaway to commemorate it. So, if you want in on this get over to Instagram (@walterwhiteknives) and follow me and activate notifications. You’ll then know when I make the official giveaway post. Here are a couple of in progress pictures of the Badger that I’m giving away.

This Badger is 8 1/4 inches overall length. The steel is 3/16 inch differentially heat treated W2 tool steel with a pretty vivid hamon. The tang has also been tapered plunge line to butt of the knife.


The front of the knife also tapers from plunge line to the tip. For handle scales it will have some broken aluminum core resin scales that resemble a kryptek type design style.

It will also have a hand stitched sheath of 7 to 9 oz. veg tanned leather. I’m gonna stain it a nice medium timber brown color. It’ll be ready to become one of your every day carry options.

In closing, if you’d be interested in winning such a knife free of charge, head over to Instagram (@walterwhiteknives) and give me a follow. Some double taps are always nice as well. Thanks for reading this little update. I’ll update here again soon.


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