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Sinner recurve Complete

Ok another Sinner recurve bowie is complete. I just wanted to post about this one to highlight some of the changes done to this variant since the first one/prototype. This one posed all the normal fun challenges as most hidden tangs do. Guard fitting, spacer glue up/alignment, and through tang handle pin were a challenge […]

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Giveaway Closed

Instagram Giveaway

I just wanted to do a post on here for all you guys that have Instagram (most do). I just recently hit 1000 followers over there and I’m doing a knife giveaway to commemorate it. So, if you want in on this get over to Instagram (@walterwhiteknives) and follow me and activate notifications. You’ll then […]

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Two New Folder Designs

Sheepdog Here is the first new frame lock design. I’m calling it the Sheepdog since it has that distinctive sheepsfoot style blade.It is definitely on the large side for being a folding knife, but that’s ok. Some of you guys really like a hefty big folding knife that means business. Well, I’m here to please […]

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August Shirt Promo

Shirt Designs – Update

I decided to do a complete overhaul of the shirt designs. I created another shop style t-shirt, and one involving a little satire. You can guess which is which I’m sure if you head over to the Shop. Both designs are added to the Shirt Shop, and I added some coffee cups to the product […]

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Out of the Shop from July 1st – July 9th

Just posting to let everyone know that I’ll be out of the shop from July 1st through July 9th. The family and I are going on a much-needed vacation. Taking our kiddos to Jellystone Park up near Dallas. I will be back available on Tuesday July 10th. I really appreciate your understanding. Talk to you […]

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