Sinner recurve Complete

Ok another Sinner recurve bowie is complete. I just wanted to post about this one to highlight some of the changes done to this variant since the first one/prototype. This one posed all the normal fun challenges as most hidden tangs do. Guard fitting, spacer glue up/alignment, and through tang handle pin were a challenge as always lol.

Now, for some of those changes. On this one, I contoured the spine and under the ricasso area. Even though you really can’t get your finger in that area above the guard I thought it would nice to have that area rounded aesthetically to match the spine.

Next, I completely redesigned the guard shape itself. I decided that nice sweeping curves would be a better feel, and flow with the design of the blade better. It still has a press fit nickel silver guard like it’s predecessor, but this one also has the addition of vulcanized black paper spacers in between more nickel silver.

Another thing is the butt end of the handle was shaped much rounder and more “egg shaped” you could say. I think that really help to set off that spalted maple burl handle all the more. The blade shape itself went unchanged. I didn’t want to refine on that too much so it stays true to it’s original design in the end.

I hope you guys like this more refined version of the Sinner. I feel like I’ll be making many more of these in the future…or I hope to anyway. If you’d like to see the rest of the finished images, jump over to the gallery and check them out Here.

Thanks for visiting the site, and thanks for checking out the posts. I really do appreciate it. Come back anytime.


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