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Two New Folder Designs

Sheepdog Here is the first new frame lock design. I’m calling it the Sheepdog since it has that distinctive sheepsfoot style blade.It is definitely on the large side for being a folding knife, but that’s ok. Some of you guys really like a hefty big folding knife that means business. Well, I’m here to please […]

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Texan Design

New Design – Texan fixed blade

Well I decided to go ahead and let everyone know about my newest fixed blade design. I call it the Texan. It’s got a very comfortable handle design, even when changing from the larger 9 1/2 inch version to the 8 inch EDC size. Both sizes fit nicely in the hand. I also changed the […]

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First Bowie

My first Bowie design

I really like bowies made by Adam DesRosiers, Ben Seward, and Samuel Lurquin. Lots of styling ques come from their bowie styles. Can’t wait to get started on it. As soon as I finish the 9 1/4 inch Gentleman Hunter I’m doing it’s on!!

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