Two Available Soon! – Updated

Well as you no doubt can see, I rarely have knives available in the shop. I just don’t get the extra time very often to knock out a knife for the shop. I will have these two available soon. I’ve already posted these pictures to the Facebook Page. That means they will likely not last too long. I’m going to be offering these first come first served unless they actually make it to the shop page. If you’d like one please message me from the Contact Page.

In the photos below the top blade is one of the New Texan design. It is belt finished and I left some of the heat-treat scale on it and beat it up some. It’s a rough, survival, used looking style finish. It is an 8 inch overall length blade. The bottom of the two is an 8 1/4 inch Badger. It is also belt finished, but it has the differential heat-treat with the Hamon showing. Here is a great article on Hamons. Both of these will be ready to go soon.

Let me know ASAP!

6-25-18 UPDATE:

The bottom knife in the left pic and same knife in right pic is gone. It has been spoken for. Just the Texan at top left available now. Act soon!

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