Two New Folder Designs


Here is the first new frame lock design. I’m calling it the Sheepdog since it has that distinctive sheepsfoot style blade. It is definitely on the large side for being a folding knife, but that’s ok. Some of you guys really like a hefty big folding knife that means business. Well, I’m here to please where that is concerned. I still need to design the pocket clip for it, but that won’t take me long. This will be up for ordering very soon. If you like it, feel free to comment about it. If you want one, get with me. Just send me a message or head over to the Custom Order page. It will be added to the custom order form shortly.


This one is the Apex. It is a EDC (Every Day Carry) sized frame lock. Small enough not to be too cumbersome in your pocket, yet still big enough to take care of the daily tasks. This one has a drop point style blade with a swedge cut into the top of the blade running about 2/3 up the length of it. This will be a solid little performer. Both this one and the Sheepdog above will pivot on caged ball bearings with full titanium frames and screws. The quality in these two new designs is where they will shine. Top quality materials will make for a tough, long-lasting companion. As with any of my designs, if you like it, shoot me a comment about it. If you want one, just send me a message or jump over to the Custom Order page. Put a little bit of Texas in your pocket!

As always, thanks for giving my post a read because I really am grateful. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, also Don’t forget to Like & Share. It really helps.


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