Badger Design WIP

Profile and Handle Materials

Badger Profile

Rough Grind

Badger Rough Grind 1
Badger Rough Grind 2

Short Rough Grind Video

Anti Scale Coating Applied

Badger Anti Scale 1

Prepping it for Heat Treat

The Quench

After Heat Treat

First grind after heat treat and temper. You can barely see the Hamon showing up.

Badger After Heat Treat

Final Grind

Final grind up to 220 grit is done. Now it’s hand sanding time.

Badger Final Grind

After Acid Etch

This is after the ferric chloride etch. I think the hamon came out nice.

Badger Hamon 1
Badger Hamon 2

Badger Pt. 6 – Handle Assembly

Badger Pt. 7 – Handle Finishing

This is the last video in the series. I took the knife to the buffer after this video and finished it up. I think it came out really nice.

Badger Design Completed

Badger Red Pearl 2

Thanks for following along!


  1. Amber

    I really like this design! Nice showing of the process!

    1. Walter Post author

      Thank you it was a fun process. Especially all the video mistakes.

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